My name is Tracey White and I am a High Priestess of Magdalene. I am a fourth generation certified and fully qualified Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator, Spirit Attachment Release Practitioner, Trance Healer, Advanced Angelic Healer, Angelic Reiki Master Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, Animal Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and an Advanced Crystal Healer from Suffolk. I provide readings and healing therapies both face to face in person and also remotely by distance for those who can not attend a reading or healing session in person for what ever reason.


I have been psychic and spiritually aware for as long as I can remember.  As a child I would often be found looking up at the clouds in the sky to watch and see many different images in the clouds where I would see objects and people in the sky. It was not long before I found out and realised that I could predict things before they even happened… and I can still be found doing this today!


My gift has been passed down to me from my mother’s side through four generations. I work with the tarot, angel tarot, angel and oracle cards, my spirit guides, the pendulum as well as my crystal ball and my obsidian scrying mirror during my readings. I am also a natural psychic where I tune in to read the energy and vibrations around you to assist you in any area of your life and to find the best way forward. 


I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient who is sensitive to and can pick up clearly from other peoples energy and feelings. I will use the cards when required to assist me with my visions and knowing, as well as to enhance my intuition and heighten my connection. When working with spirit with the help of my spirit guides and ascended masters they can and do show themselves to me in many ways when there is a connection. I can see them in dreams or in front of me. I can also hear them talking directly to me or I can pick up on a certain smell related to them such as their favourite food or perfume. Often I will just have that knowing feeling that spirit is with me. Each spirit is different and unique and will show up to me in many different ways when they do connect.


One of the first real noticeable validations of my abilities was when I was visited by my Nan when she passed into the light which was even before my family were told about her passing, I was still a young child at the time. It was from then I knew that working with spirit with my psychic and spiritual abilities was my true calling in this life.


Coming from a family of psychics I was born into, bought up and was encouraged to develop my skills. It was not long before my mother gave me my first deck of tarot cards called ‘The Gypsy Tarot’ of which I love and still use today!


For many years I have also been practicing and providing a variety of spiritual healing and therapeutic services. I am a fully trained and a certified Spirit Release Practitioner, Usui and Angel Reiki Master Practitioner and Advanced Crystal and Angelic Healer. My newest spiritual healing service I have started to offer is Soul to Soul Healing Journeys which can easily work independently or alongside any of the other services I am already providing. I learnt this special Soul to Soul healing while I developed as a priestess and directly from spirit.


I am also a fully trained and certified Paranormal Investigator and have always seen and sensed ghosts and paranormal activity for as long as I can remember. In addition to this I can also see, sense and pick up any other possibilities a reported haunting or paranormal activity could be such as a loose connection on a cooker. Now as a fully developed Paranormal Investigator and Psychic Medium I can now provide house clearance and Ghost/Spirit Healing where I send trapped spirits back to the light if appropriate and needed, and feel so honoured and humble that I am able to provide my psychic, spiritual and healing services for and to help others.


 Coming soon…         

The Delphi Rose Temple

I am currently working on and in the process of launching my new temple called The Delphi Rose Temple. Here you will find many of my new High Priestess additional services which will include ceremonies, such as naming ceremonies (baptisms), handfastings and funeral ceremonies for both people and their pet companions. If you are interested in booking a ceremony then please contact me for further information and a consultation. More to follow shortly…..



The Spiritual Moon Shop

I also run my own shop The Spiritual Moon where you can purchase all things spiritual, witchy, pagan and wiccan. Please feel free to have a look through and if there is anything I can help you with please either call or contact me where I will be happy to help. I am still providing all my reading and healing services as usual.


Love and blessings… 

Tracey XXX






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