I am also a fully trained, certified and insured Advanced Crystal Healer. Crystal healing is a holistic and natural therapy which dates right back to the time of Atlantis some 26,000 years ago and is still commonly used today and the benefits are enjoyed and benefited by many who decide to have this therapy. I provide both face to face healing sessions in person and also a remote distance healing by distance for those who can not attend a healing session in person for what ever reason.


What is Crystal Healing ?


Crystal healing is a pain free and non-evasive healing technique where I place specially chosen crystals directly on areas of and around your body either in alignment with your chakras or in the form of a crystal healing grid. The energy of the crystals will then connect with energies that flow around your body and interact with them to remove any blockages to allow a healthy flow and balance of energy to the body, mind and spirit once again.


Crystals can often be used alongside many other therapies and readings such as card readings, mediumship, reiki, angelic healing and trance healing and many more. 


A guide to my prices are listed below :~


Crystal Healing

1 Hour – £50.00

90 Minutes – £75.00 

A Course Of Crystal Healing Sessions 

4 x 1 Hour – £195.00

6 x 1 Hour – £290.00






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