Mediumship readings are messages of love and confirmation from your loved ones and spirit guides that are passed to me from spirit and ancestors straight through to you. I provide readings both face to face in person and also remote readings by distance for those who can not attend a mediumship reading in person for what ever reason.


When working with spirit with the help of my spirit guides they can show themselves to me in many ways. They appear to me in many ways I can see them in dreams or in front of me. I can also hear them talking directly to me. I often pick up on a smell closely related to them such as their favourite food or perfume. Often I will simply have a feeling that spirit is with me.


Longer mediumship readings will often include the use of a variety of spiritual tools and abilities for a more comprehensive reading.


A guide to my prices are listed below:~



20 minutes – £25.00

30 minutes – £30.00

1 Hour – £50.00

90 minutes – £60.00 





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