I am a fully trained, qualified and insured Trance and Advanced Angelic Healer. I provide both face to face healing sessions in person and also a remote distance healing for those who can not attend a healing session in person for what ever reason.


What is Angelic Healing ?


Angelic healing is a very powerful and pure form of healing light energy which comes straight from the angelic realm and the angels and archangels and anyone can benefit from this divine healing. People receiving angelic healing have reported the following benefits, a lovely feeling of a sense of peace, balance and happiness and also has been said to be a great stress relief. 


With this Angelic Healing I will channel this loving positive energy direct from the angels and archangels through me to you. I will allow this divine light energy to flow through me and is directed to any areas that are blocked and/or are in need of healing and always to your highest good. This energy removes blockages from the energy system and re-aligns your aura and chakras.


What is Trance Healing ?


Trance healing is a very pure and powerful form of spiritual healing and is a form of mediumship as the energy comes directly from spirit. With trance healing and spiritual healing I basically become a channel for this powerful healing energy to pass from spirit, spirit guides, helpers, angels and ascended masters through me to you. 


Trance healing works mainly on the emotional, mental and spiritual level. However it can still work and help on a physical level if it is attached to an emotional, mental and/or spiritual problem which can often be the case.


During a trance and spiritual healing session I will channel the powerful spiritual energy direct from spirit,  spirit guides and ascended masters. This loving pure energy will flow through me then straight on to you to help heal any areas that are connected to mind, emotions and spirit. As always this energy will go to where healing is needed most and always will always be for your highest good.


A guide to my prices are listed below :~


Trance and Angelic Healing


30 Minutes – £35.00

1 Hour – £50.00

90 Minutes – £65.00

~ A course of angelic and trance healing sessions are also available ~





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