I am also a fully trained, certified and insured Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Usui Animal Reiki Master Practitioner. Usui Reiki is a beautifully channelled and positive, healing energy from the universe which is channelled through me to you and/or your pet. I provide both face to face healing sessions in person and also a remote distance healing for those who can not attend a healing session in person for what ever reason.


What is Usui Reiki ?

The word Reiki is from two Japenese words ‘Rei’ meaning universal and ‘Ki’ meaning life force energy and has always been around. Usui Reiki is a beautiful form of energy healing.  It is a non-invasive healing technique where the usui reiki practitioner channels the universal life force energy through them and then onto the client whether it is themselves, somebody else, an animal or even an object.  Once channelled this energy will go out to who and what it is intended for and will do what is necessary for their healing or greatest good.


I will channel loving divine energy direct from the universe which will flow through me then onto you or your pet which will help to treat any areas that are connected to the mind, body and spirit or to simply enjoy a relaxing and stress free experience for pure relaxation and/or stress relief.


A guide to my prices are listed below :~


Usui Reiki

1 Hour – £50.00

90 Minutes – £75.00

A Course Of Usui Reiki Sessions 

4 x 1 Hour Sessions – £195.00

6 x 1 Hour sessions – £290.00






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